Who Do You Really Know?

Who Do You Really Know?

The President whether you love him or hate, good go with that and own it.
My question, who do you really know, applies not only to Trump but also to all politicians, singers, actors, athletes and other “public figures.”

When you see politicians in person or on TV or the Internet, you are not seeing the real them. Instead, much like the person I used to send on first dates, you see that politician’ representatives; someone who pretends to be what you want and says what you want to hear. This representative is every politician and star that we think we know. If you see it on the Internet, don’t believe it unless you have 3rd party verification, “Pro Tip.”

Now, I take nothing at face value. Everything made has a message to get across. When I get that message, I automatically dismiss it until I find proof for or against the message.

Now back to Trump. He has been in the public eye longer than I have been alive. A multi-millionaire raised him, and he lived the life of a playboy billionaire. He has the background of Ironman and Batman. Trump has crafted his name to be a synonym of luxury. He was a TV star on one of the “BIG FOUR” networks. Jesse Jackson used to love him. So was he always a racist and they hid it from us or did at the ripe age of 70 he magically become a racist? Here is something to consider. Maybe we did not know him in the 80’s, 90, 2000’s, 2010’s, and we don’t know him now.

Could he be just a rich, jerk, who is not good at explaining himself because he has never had to? Maybe he is slow to respond to criticism because we have been making fun of his hair for 25 years and he is tone deaf to regular people.
Regular people. Who are the regular people to Trump? He is a billionaire who surrounds himself with beautiful people, famous people, rich people and people who what something from him. He spends time with my view of regular people in fits and starts. I think the people he calls regular are different from who most of us call regular. This discrepancy I think is the cause of most of his issues. We don’t really know him, and he does not really know us.

So what do we do? First, I have lowered my expectations of all politicians, a long, long time ago. If you talk well and screw me over or speak like a dummy then screw me over, what is the difference? I look at the actual results not what was promised or intended but what does my life look before and after a politician has started to work for me. ***Spoiler Alert**** not much changes. So instead of throwing all our hopes and dreams politicians we should hold their feet to fire on what we want them to do by voting them out of office if they don’t deliver. Something that people who call themselves members of both parties should start doing.

So we don’t know Trump, Trump doesn’t know us. But what does that matter? Our local government (school board, mayor, city council, and Governor), has the most effect on our lives. So let hold them accountable.

This was the long form a thought I had. I came to three conclusions:
Maybe I do not understand Trump, and he does not understand us.
Maybe both sides are presenting a Trump that does not really exist.
And, I am sure Trump is an idiot. This is mostly my first conclusion fleshed out.

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