How do you change minds?

How do you change minds?

***Warning this is only for people who call themselves “Followers of Christ”***

All week the news has been flooded with race hate, racism, and indignation (both real and fake). I have seen people who I usually listen to about how Christian should act in society lose their mind. Why because fallen people behave fallen? Because some people are proud of their ungodliness so now they act ungodly.
God has a purpose for all our lives. Yes, even the hypocrites, racist, and downright evil people. We are called to live by a higher standard. In all things, we must love, forgive, and show the Christ that lives in us especially when people urge us to draw on our baser emotions.
Okay fight evil, overturn those money changer tables, but what did you say about the lady with the alabaster box? I am not that old but, every time I was standing with the multitude with yelling about another group, no matter the issue, I was not where God wanted me.
How do we change minds? Be the person God has called you to be. Brothers and Sister, check yourself, correct yourself, and be the salt and light.

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