The Tick: No Spoon But Still Good.

The Tick: No Spoon But Still Good.

This weekend I did something different, and binge watched a show. What was it? No, I did not get caught-up on Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or even best week to watch Pre-Season football. I what The Tick on Amazon.

I am a longtime fan of The Tick. I am the only person I know with the black and white comic books. So, this week I could not wait to see this new show. And I loved it!! This was fun, funny, good mindless entertainment that does not take itself too seriously. Basically, it was every that makes me like The Tick.

With that glowing lead-up, I will give you the good, bad, and yes even ugly of the show.

Good: Overall I enjoyed the watching the six episodes on Amazon. The show had the sprite of The Tick and his universe even though the back story of Authur and the City has changed. The Tick is still an unstoppable do-gooder with amnesia and most likely still an escaped mental inmate. Authur is still the extra wimpy every man who is The Tick’s sidekick, benefactor, and anchor to sanity. I love their relationship they are truly the half that completes each other. This is what buddy shows should be.

Bad: The bad is that Author is not entirely grounded in reality. This changes the dynamics from the sighted (Authur)leading the blind (The Tick) to the one-eyed leading the blind. The show is still funny but Author used to be boring, and down to earth that The Tick somehow drags into wild adventures for justice. So far, all the main characters are broken except the main villain who is odd to me.

Ugly: Other than only having six episodes, which I understand The Tick is a pretty niche hero. This show might be the stupidest thing you will ever see, or you will love every second of it like me. However, The City needs more off beat and outrageous heroes. But I think that is coming.

Overall I enjoyed watching The Tick on Amazon despite the fact they made significant changes to the sidekick and The City. So, if you need an escape and have Amazon prime, I recommend giving The Tick a try.

Let me know what you thought of The Tick.

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