Go, Team! Go, Team!!

Go, Team! Go, Team!!

I love my home team. I am from Atlanta, Ga so Falcons, Brave, Hawks, I even like Atlanta United FC. I cheered for the Falcon and was mad when lost to the Saints, in the first game played in Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina. I would cheer for the Brave or Hawks if they played a pick-up game against Jesus and his 12 disciples. So I understand cheering for your team. But political parties are not teams; they do not play games. The make laws, rules, and regulations that have a lasting impact on our lives and the lives your children and grandchildren. Teams play games.

You might say “Bigtakinghead;” no one treats the Democrat and Republic Party like teams. My party fights for me and are good, and the other guys are bad people doing bad things to everyone on earth. Here are three quick examples to test if you care about the laws, rules, and regulations your party makes that effects people or if you are about your team.
1. Was warrant-less wiretapping (okay/impeachable offense) under George W. Bush but (impeachable offense/okay) under Barack Obama.

2. Was it fine for Barack Obama to say he is against gay marriage because of his “Christian Faith.” Is President Trump against the LGBTQIA community even though he is for gay marriage and people use the bathroom of their choice?

3. Is Obama care good/bad and Trump care bad/good even though they are the same thing?

The point is the issues are the same but often the party/team influences the way we see issues. This happens to our determent. When look at the team instead of the issues we let those people who should be accountable to us off the hook to do whatever they want. And what they want to do is get rich, get re-elected, and then get richer. We will all continue to be left in the leach unless we focus on the issues and not the teams. But this is just what “Bigtalkinghead” thinks. Tell me where I am wrong.

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