Big Talking Head Week in Review: Dec 10-17

Big Talking Head Week in Review: Dec 10-17

Wow! What a week.  Here are my thoughts on three of the biggest stories this week.

#1 Alabama Election: Roy Moore lost.

So Roy Moore lost. As a person who is not a liberal, I say good. So a Pro-abortion Democrats go elected in Alabama, instead of an accused child rapist who changed is story after increased scrutiny.

The liberals have condemned John Conyers, Al Franken, and Bill (Slick Willey) Clinton for their actions. What did the get in return a U.S. Senate seat for two years that will be filled by Republican the next election?  I say think this was a long-term win for the elephant.

#2 The End of Net Neutrality: The end of what?

The rollback of Net Neutrality is it the end of the intent? So what it means instead of the Google, Netflix side winning, now the Comcast, TimeWarner side is winning.  Are you team Google or team Comcast?

Two large Billion Dollar Corporation fighting for your dollar. Do you really think they are looking out for your best interest or theirs?

So we have to go back to the like it was in 2015. Yes back in the day, 2015. So crank up Uptown Funk because this is the end of the world as we know it.

Listen to Steven Crowder:


#3 Star War The last Jedi: Is there anything else out?

First I love Star Wars I have read no less than 100 Star Wars books in my life.  The last movie killing Solo and making him a deadbeat dad instead of a committed father and husband in a 30+ year marriage with Leia and their three children and one grandchild.  So I have no interest in the movie.

Helping my indifference to the “New Star Wars”  is the liberal jerk, Mark Hamill.  Yes, Luke Skywalker made me hate Star Wars. So I might never see this movie.

Please let me know how you feel about these topics.

Enjoy life and live out loud.


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