Why Big Talking Head?

I am calling this big talking head because; well when push comes to shove that is all I am to you. You have a life to live and no matter if we agree and feel the love or we disagree, and you hate me with the burning fires of hell. I am just some dude talking.

What I hope for…

I hope to share some of my thoughts and that they spark you to think. Think about the way you see the world, think about the way you see issues, and most importantly exchange understanding.

I want to learn from you because as I would tell 30-year-old me, “This is a lot you think you know that is wrong,” and I am sure 50-year-old will set me straight one day. But until then I hear from and with respect, facts, and willingness to learn we can make each other better.

Short about me…

I am 40 plus year-old, fat, father of two girls, who love politics, video games, cars, and sports. So these will be the subject of my writing.